Once your equipment financing is in place, it’s time to market the capabilities the equipment brings to your company to generate buzz to grow sales and revenue. You can’t afford to take a “If we build it, they will come” approach. Customers can only come to you for bids, new business and expanded services when you get the word out through multiple marketing channels.

Expert tip: When deciding on leasing equipment, ensuring you have sufficient budget to market what it brings to the table should be part of your financial decision. Your inbound marketing plan should be ready to go prior to taking possession of the equipment.

Knowing you have to market your improved or additional capabilities is one thing. Doing it is another, but it’s essential to your success whether your leased equipment brings expanded capacity or a new service/product line.

Start with Search Engine Optimization

We could write a book on search engine optimization (SEO), and many SEO experts have. In a nutshell, SEO starts with narrowing down your keywords, which are the word(s) people type into a search engine to find your business, product or service.

For example, Global Financial & Leasing Services is a leading provider of equipment financing. Therefore, we want business owners who need equipment financing to find our website when they search online for equipment financing providers. One of our keywords is “equipment financing.” A more specific keyword (long tail) for us is “construction equipment financing.”

One of the best keyword research tools is Google’s keyword planner. Once you have a strong list of keywords to market what you can do thanks to your new equipment, you have the foundation for your marketing content: a new page or copy on your website, blogs, digital ads and such. The more a search engine sees your keyword used in RELEVANT content across the internet, the higher it will rank your website for that keyword. In other words, the more likely your business is to be found.

Remember Retaining Customers is Cheaper (and Easier) Than Acquiring New Ones

You financed equipment to provide a new or improved offering, expand your capabilities to meet customer demand, fill a gap in the marketplace or offer a better user experience. Reaching new customers is key to growing business, however, your current customers represent low-hanging fruit. They already know your company, so there are fewer hurdles to reach and engage them.

Immediately, get the word out via email and social media. Those on your email list and those following your company on social media have already shown an interest and have opted in to receive your messages. Sell the benefits of what is new or different and include a call to action to get more information, a quote, etc.

Consider a Strategic Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign

Google Ads puts your company and services and/or products front and center of those searching for what you offer. The gist of it is that you only pay when the user clicks on your PPC ad. Since you’re allowed to set a maximum budget for the month, you can control your PPC advertising costs. PPC campaigns can be turned on and off, allowing you to manage your workload, too. Google Ad specialists can help you set up your campaign if you’re uncomfortable running with it on your own.

Where users go after they click on your ad is key to turning a cold lead into a hot one. Before engaging in a PPC ad campaign, invest time in beefing up the page on your website that features your new equipment. Better yet, create a landing page designated to it if you anticipate demand and sales warranting one.


Remember: Marketing Doesn’t Happen in a Bubble

Brilliantly marketing your capabilities available with new leased equipment takes a multi-channel strategy, combining proven tactics that work for your industry. It’s rare, if ever, that a single email will move the sales needle. Or for that matter a single social media post or a PPC ad that clicks to nowhere.

Marketing doesn’t happen in a bubble. To be the most effective, take advantage of the many marketing tools available today. That way, you’ll reach a maximum number of customers and prospects multiple times, which keeps your company top of mind, builds recognition and generates sales.