Machinery and Manufacturing Equipment Financing & Leasing

GFLS caters to your specific industry and business. We offer assistance to small and medium-sized businesses in a multitude of different industries, including machinery and manufacturing.

We also offer an easy application process with fast approval. If you continue to get declined from other lenders, come to us; we take pride in our approval track record. We strive to make the leasing process as simple as possible and secure the right financing options for you.

Manufacturing equipment leasing through our company allows you to:

  • Lease the equipment you need, so you do not have to purchase expensive equipment
  • Conserve your line of credit for emergencies and maintain your credit, even while you are leasing machinery
  • Save money for more important purchases and investments

The benefits of our manufacturing equipment financing services are:

  • We are a direct lender, so all funds are in-house, and we can provide you with funding faster than the competition
  • We work to approve our clients, regardless of their credit tier
  • We offer 100% financing without additional freight or installation costs
  • Co-branded vendor programs personalized to your needs
  • No down payment–just pay the first month’s expenses up front and then you can pay at your own convenience
  • Tax deductions on equipment for your business
  • You can purchase equipment once you are finished leasing

The right equipment is always crucial, and we do not like to see product prices holding businesses back. Plus, equipment quickly becomes obsolete, so making large purchases on equipment that will not serve you in a few years can add up. Consider manufacturing equipment leasing from GFLS today to increase sales, receive competitive rates on manufacturing equipment financing, and offer the best to your customers.

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