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Logging and Forestry Equipment Financing and Leasing

Content: At GFLS, we make logging equipment financing simple.  We are a direct lender; numerous businesses need wood to make different products, and we can help you make it easy for your customers to retrieve wood with quality logging equipment.

We help small and medium-sized forestry businesses lease the equipment they need, and we tailor all of our programs to each client’s unique circumstance.

Leasing your equipment through GFLS is a wise investment because you save money for the more expensive purchases and do not have to worry about purchasing obsolete machinery. Therefore, you will have the most current equipment without spending more than your budget might allow.

Here is what makes us a top choice:

  • When other lenders say ‘No’, we often say ‘Yes’
  • We provide in-house funds, so we can assist you faster
  • You can pay as you earn; we only ask that you make the first payment in advance
  • Documentation is simple, and we offer a quick turnaround
  • We offer co-branded vendor programs personalized to your requirements

What makes our forestry equipment financing beneficial to your business is:

  • You can lease expensive equipment that would otherwise be out of your budget
  • You receive a tax deduction as your equipment is a business operating expense
  • You can still maintain an excellent credit history
  • You receive 100% financing, and you will not have to pay additional costs, such as installation or freight
  • You have the option to purchase equipment after you lease

Your satisfaction matters. We are a trustworthy source for logging equipment financing, offering competitive rates and incredible service. If you have any questions regarding leasing or financing, our team is ready to exceed your expectations. Losing sales because nobody qualifies for forestry equipment financing is a thing of the past. Contact us today to begin financing the equipment your company needs.

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