Construction Equipment Financing & Leasing

GFLS is the chosen source for construction equipment financing; we help small and medium-sized businesses retrieve the finances they need to provide their customers with reliable new or used equipment. As a direct lender, we use in-house funds to assist companies. We have relationships with banks and other institutions, so we can come up with the perfect financing plan for you.

We offer a simple process: once you fill out an application, we will quickly turn around and provide a response. More often that not, we approve businesses regardless of their credit. If you have tried other lends, and they have declined your requests, then consider working with us. We are dedicated to your success.

We believe you should choose GFLS to:

  • Receive competitive rates as well as 100% financing
  • Benefit from tax deductions on essential-use equipment
  • Avoid down payments; we ask for your first payment in advance, and then you can pay once you receive money
  • Save your on-hand capital for more important costs, such as office expansions and new-hire training programs
  • Maintain or establish your credit through leasing
  • Obtain equipment while it is current without making big purchases that will soon become obsolete
  • Benefit from personalized, co-branded vendor programs

Numerous companies across the United States already utilize some form of financing—become one today. Construction equipment leasing with GFLS is flexible and tailored to your specifications—and you can purchase equipment after leasing.

Contact us today for more information regarding our construction equipment leasing. We are your advocate for approval, and we are in constant communication with clients and vendors throughout the entire process. Work with a company you can trust for all of your construction equipment financing needs—work with GFLS .

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