Medical Equipment Financing & Leasing

Stay ahead in technology without making huge payments. GFLS has been assisting small and medium-sized businesses since 2009. We are a direct lender with connections to numerous banks and institutions, so we can allow you to utilize our in-house funds faster.

GFLS works with businesses in a variety of industries, including the medical industry. If you seek healthcare equipment leasing, we can help.

We strive to approve regardless of credit tier—tell us your story, and we will listen. Other lenders might deny hard-to-approve credit, but we are your advocate. No matter the type of equipment you need, our medical equipment financing services can help. We do not require a down payment; just make your first payment in advance, and then can pay when it is convenient for your finances and schedule. Increase your potential sales and receive the best rates through our company.

At GFLS , we offer:

  • 100% financing without additional fees from sales tax, delivery, warranties, or installation
  • Solutions that save your lines of credit for emergencies and help you maintain your credit history while leasing equipment instead of purchasing with cash
  • Direct communication with our vendors and clients
  • Financing options that conserve working capital for more important uses, such as expansion or hiring more employees
  • Personalized, co-branded programs
  • Tax consideration on leased equipment as business operating expenses
  • New and used equipment for lease, so you can use machinery and tools before they become obsolete
  • The option to purchase equipment after leasing

The majority of companies across the United States lease equipment. When you utilize healthcare equipment leasing services through our company, you can close sales and better assist your customers. Contact us now to see why we are a preferred choice when it comes to medical equipment financing options.

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