Luckily, banks and credit unions aren’t the only place you can find equipment financing loans. Times have changed, and now you have several options to finance the essential business equipment your business or startup needs.

Equipment Financing Loans from Banks

Banks and credit unions are still options for finding equipment financing loans, but too often they are not in reach for some business or startup owners. Unless you have good or excellent credit, financing equipment through a traditional bank is next to impossible since they typically approve applicants with top-tier credit scores. Even if your credit score is up to snuff, you face a lot of paperwork and long wait times for final approval. If you have an urgent need for business equipment, don’t have a sizable down payment, don’t want liens placed on other business or personal assets or have credit blemishes, you’ll be disappointed with a traditional bank’s equipment financing.

Equipment Financing Loans from Vendors

Equipment vendors, when faced with fewer sales, began offering equipment financing loans to customers. This gave business owners a way to obtain essential equipment without going through normal bank channels. Vendors create equipment financing programs through direct lenders, like Global Financial & Leasing Services (GFLS). These programs benefit both buyers and venders. Buyers can explore financing a higher priced piece of equipment rather than settle for less expensive machinery priced within the bank’s approved amount. Vendors are able to sell equipment to buyers who wouldn’t otherwise qualify from a traditional bank. With vendor financing, consumers have more flexibility, especially when the vendor works with a lending partner committed to closing sales.

SBA Equipment Financing Loans

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a federal organization that has low-cost, government-backed loan programs for small business owners. The SBA backs a portion of the loan a small business owner obtains from lenders, such as banks and nonprofits. SBA loans are less risky for the lenders, and they can come with lower interest rates and longer terms for borrowers. For example, current interest rates for SBA loans in September 2022 are:

  • SBA 7(a) loans: 7.75% – 10.25%
  • SBA CDC/504 loans: Approximately 5.39% – 5.46%
  • EIDL loans for COVID relief: 3.75% for for-profit businesses and 2.75% for nonprofit businesses.
  • PPP loans: 0% if forgiven; 1% if not forgiven.
  • Maximum rates for other SBA disaster loans: 4.00% with no credit available elsewhere, or 8.00% with credit available elsewhere.

SBA loans are an option for business owners with excellent credit who are growing or expanding business with equipment. But, the application and approval process can take months, and the majority of applicants are denied due to bad credit, character issues, lacking collateral, insufficient revenue or capital to repay, and inability to repay due to other outstanding loan payments.

Financing Equipment Through Sale/Leaseback

Financing business equipment through a sale/leaseback is like using your home equity for a purchase. An equipment sale/leaseback loan is an option if your business owns assets like trucks, machinery or construction equipment.

The equipment is sold or leased, but retained for business use. Because the transaction is secured by the equipment, this loan type is relatively easy to qualify for, and it can be structured so you can own the equipment at the term’s end, ranging from 24-60 months and the payments are tax deductible. Sale leasebacks often require an equipment appraisal from a Certified Asset Appraisal firm, and the lender often lends to advance a percentage of the Force Liquidation Value of the appraisal.

Equipment Financing Through a Direct Lender, Like Global Financial & Leasing Services

Global Financial & Leasing Services (GFLS) is a direct funder, providing funding opportunities that typical banks don’t. In certain situations, we can use our connections to numerous banks and institutions to offer you the best financing solution for your credit profile. In the end, you get the right financing for your needs and access to the funds faster.

Unlike big bank applications, our process is simple and streamlined so you have a decision often in 24 hours or less. Talk to one of our equipment lease financing experts at 480.478.7400 or start your application today.