In-house Financing Can Increase Equipment Sales by 30 Percent.

Global Financial Equipment FinancingFarm, medical, construction, restaurant, printing, manufacturing, and logging equipment is a heavy financial investment for business owners. More times than not, the only way for business owners to acquire the costly equipment necessary to sustain or grow their business is through financing.

As an equipment vendor, offering customers financing is a sure-fire way to sell more equipment. However, the world of equipment financing isn’t without complications, including:

• Building and maintaining relationships with financial institutions
• Taking on the risk of financing customers who are a credit risk
• Investing internal time and resources in reviewing applications and verifying applicants’ financial documentation
• Missing out on potential equipment sales and revenue by not financing lower tier credit buyers

Partnering with Global Financial & Leasing Services (GFLS) helps equipment vendors close 30 percent more sales. More importantly, we help you close those sales at no risk to you and without using any of your internal resources.

Could GFLS be the Financing Partner You Need?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it’s time to talk to the GFLS team about becoming your equipment financing partner.

Do you currently work with a lender who only finances equipment for AAA-rated buyers?

If the answer is yes, then you could be missing out on a significant number of sales. It has become more difficult for larger financial institutions to approve financing applications for those with “B-type” and “C-type” credit. GFLS specializes in lower tier credit ratings, which expands your pool of buyers to increase your sales.

Are you seeking a partnership with an equipment financing partner who specializes in less-than-perfect credit applicants?

GFLS has a long, successful of financing “B-type” and “C-type” credit because our system looks at the applicant’s “story” and additional lease documentation, allowing us to approve more applications. Great for us, but even better for you. Once the equipment financing application is approved, GFLS pays you for the equipment in full via wire or ACH. The risk is ours, and the sale is yours.

Are you concerned that approving lower tier credit applicants will take too long and cost your team sales?

GFLS’s equipment financing process is simple and fast, even when additional documentation is requested for review. Our team stays in constant communication with applicants, keeping decision turnaround time under 48 hours in most cases.

Would you prefer your financing program be branded under your company’s name?

Offering “in-house” financing is an effective marketing strategy that you can use to increase your market share and differentiate your brand from competitors. GFLS can design financing applications and a seamless process to match your brand standards. Our team then works behind the scene to handle the credit approvals.

Thirty percent more sales without financial risk to you or using your resources is possible by partnering with Global Financial & Leasing Services as your main financial lender or backup financing provider. Our long-standing relationships with publicly traded financial institutions makes GFLS a perfect partner when you want to not only approve “A-type” credit applicants, but “B-type” and “C-type” credit as well. Talk to our team about the possibilities.