When financing a business equipment lease, you don’t want any surprises anywhere along the way. Hidden fees or shady representatives are definitely not something else you need on your plate when trying to kick your company into gear or take it to the next level, so it’s crucial to work with a company, like Global Financial & Leasing Services (GFLS), where what you’re told you get is exactly what you actually get.

No matter what industry you’re in, chances are your business requires some sort of equipment. From industry-grade baking ovens for restaurants to medical equipment for physicians to forestry machinery for logging companies and more, 7 out of 10 businesses now lease or finance their equipment.

Why is this? Because when you finance an equipment lease, you get additional and/or newer equipment; you get the most technologically up-to-date versions of that equipment, and you reserve cash to use in other areas of the business.

Difference Between Successful or Not

Equipment very often makes the difference between a company being successful or not, and how quickly that happens. But purchasing it outright can create a situation in which spend more than you want to—or are able to.

Companies like Global Financial & Leasing Services help business owners (even those who have a poor credit score) to get their company off the ground or on a fast track by financing an equipment lease. We look at your cash flow, character and reputation and collateral in order to help provide you with what you need to move forward.

However, as mentioned before, you must partner with a very reputable leasing provider with a spotless reputation. Unfortunately, many companies turn away people who don’t meet their financing criteria or take advantage of dire situations. Be wary of companies like this. Do your research before agreeing to sign an agreement for equipment lease financing with anyone.

Knowing what you’ll be getting, as well as all the facts, is good business. You’ll need to know exactly how much you’ll be spending on leasing your equipment so that you know your company’s budget. 82% of businesses fail because they have cash flow problems, so making sure you know where your money is being spent is vital. You also don’t need hidden or surprise fees sneaking eating away at your budget, so your choice of equipment lease financing companies should ensure you’re advised of terms and conditions.

Compassionate Experts

At Global Financial & Leasing Services, we are compassionate experts at lease financing for business equipment. We specialize in working with those who are interested in financing an equipment lease, but have less-than-perfect credit and do not qualify for financing from big banks. If you’re interested in financing an equipment lease, please let us know. Contact us or fill out our application form today!