More reasons to consider leasing

Leasing equipment protects your cash flow. Leasing equipment has a lower upfront cost, which is incredibly appealing if you have fewer available capital funds than operating funds. Also, leasing gives you time to pass the cost of your lease payment on to customers through your pricing structure.

It provides a cushion from the negative effects of obsolescence. Technology advances so rapidly that equipment you purchase today stands a good chance of being obsolete in a few years if you’re lucky – months if you’re not. Replacing outdated lower-cost technology like phones and computers is difficult enough to stomach. Updating equipment that you invested tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in is like a kick in the stomach.

With a lease agreement, you’re paying monthly for equipment that meets your immediate needs. When the time comes to update your technology, often lease agreements include options for trading in leased equipment for new technology. This is so common that even cellular providers are now leasing smartphones for a monthly fee with an upgrade guarantee, meaning customers never buy and own their phones, but they can always trade up as soon as new models are released.

Trading in leased equipment is far easier than trying to sell that equipment. Others in your industry want the latest technology and are not willing to take on the cost of obsolete equipment. More often than not, outdated equipment ends up collecting dust and taking up valuable space in storage. Or worse, it is kept in use and negatively effects productivity and profit.

The leasing company takes care of the down payment upfront. Purchasing a piece of equipment can require a hefty down payment, similar to the down payment homebuyers are required to put down when buying a house. Leasing equipment eliminates that down payment because the leasing company pays the down payment and rolls it into the monthly lease payments.

Bottom line. Why drain your cash reserves to buy equipment when you could allocate that money toward growing your business and being more competitive in the marketplace? Leasing equipment allows you to retain cash and acquire the revenue-generating equipment your business needs.

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