Partnering with GLFS for vendor financing can benefit your business in many ways.

First, having an in-house vendor financing program can open up more buying opportunities for clients and expand your client base. With in-house financing by GLFS, more potential buyers will be able to afford more and better equipment, and buyers who don’t qualify for traditional loans will not be excluded from your customer base. This will improve your bottom line by increasing order sizes and accepting more potential clients.

An in-house vendor financing program with GLFS also gives you more control over how your buyers’ purchases are financed. Our team will work with your company to create a program that works for you. With your best interest and preferences in mind, we will design a financing program with terms that work for everyone.

Finally, a vendor financing program can be a deciding sales factor when faced with a comparable offer from another vendor. If your company can streamline the process of obtaining financing for equipment sales, then the buyer will most likely choose your offer to save time and get the equipment they need faster.

Submit an Equipment Vendor application today. If you have questions, contact our team for answers.