Medical Imaging LeasingYou might think that only large hospitals and medical facilities purchase x-ray and ultrasound equipment, and smaller facilities and practices finance medical equipment leases. After all, the larger facilities are more likely to have the capital to invest in buying x-ray and ultrasound devices, whereas a smaller or new facility probably doesn’t, and if it did, it’s likely that capital would need to be reserved for other expenses and operational items.

Unless you have a huge amount of cash on hand, you might be better positioning your facility for patient care and financial stability by financing a lease for your medical imaging.

Depending on your way of thinking, you might lean toward believing financing a lease or buying is more cost-effective than the other in the long run. And, there will be those who think financing a lease is and will always be more expensive. However, Jim Jenks, Global Financial & Leasing Services’ founder and CEO, says, “Leasing medical imaging equipment can be less expensive than purchasing things like x-ray and ultrasound machines if the lease is well managed and suited to the client’s needs and goals.”

If Your Goal is to Preserve Cash

Buying medical imaging equipment often means making a hefty down payment. “In some cases, the down payment alone is the decided factor for our clients to finance their x-ray, ultrasound or other medical imaging equipment, even with interest rates low right now. In other cases, they have the capital, but feel they can put that money to another use in their facility, saving it from being tied up in equipment,” says Jenks.

If Your Goal is to Stay Ahead of the Medical Imaging Technology Curve

Unfortunately, old x-ray or ultrasound equipment doesn’t become a valuable “classic” with age. Instead, aged medical imaging equipment becomes outdated and can put your practice or facility at a competitive disadvantage to those offering the latest technology. For example, an expectant mother is excited to see her baby. Given a choice between scheduling a 3D image and a traditional sonogram, which do you think she’ll choose?

Medical equipment is constantly improving, making past models obsolete pretty quickly. Depending on the nature of the equipment and its typical lifespan, buying it can leave you with equipment that is hard to sell when you are ready to upgrade. Leasing medical imaging equipment gives you more options at the end of the lease. You can return it to the leasing company or pay its market value and keep it. Bottom line: leasing gives you more control over your medical equipment upgrade schedule.

If Your Goal is to Work with a Company That Understands Medical Equipment Financing and Leasing

Having financed x-ray machines, ultrasound devices and other medical equipment for medical professionals since 2009, the Global Financial & Leasing Services (GFLS) team has found that it’s not the size of our clients’ facilities, but rather their long-term goals that drive their decisions to lease or buy.

Whether it’s medical imaging or other types of healthcare equipment, GFLS can help get it in your office so you can provide the best patient care. We do not require a down payment. Your first payment in advance is sufficient and then you can pay when your finances and schedule allow. GFLS helps clients with good and bad credit scores and you’ll always quickly receive a decision—just a few of the reasons GFLS is a preferred partner for those in the medical industry. Get started today with an application or contact our team for more information.