Here’s a story about a 20-year-old trucking and excavating company that specializes in lawn care, excavating, digging basements, building foundations for new homes, and snow removal in the winter. Ninety percent of their customers are commercial businesses, such as nursing homes and cemeteries. Ten percent is residential business. One of their large customers is a state government, for which they are a subcontractor for snow removal.  

The client says, “We were able to acquire the equipment quickly, and it was so fantastic to work with Pat, who was amazing, and Rachelle, who made it very easy and quick for them to go through the finance process.”  

They would not have been able to secure the account if it were not for having the equipment we financed for them. This equipment enabled them to grow their business, as well. Prior to our financing solution, they had to rent equipment, which was more expensive. Additionally, since this was used equipment, they had difficulty finding someone who would provide the equipment financing.