GFLS, a Leading Equipment Leasing Finance Company, Moves to a New Scottsdale Location

Last October, Global Financial & Leasing Services (GFLS) hosted an open house at our new, larger Scottsdale location. More than 150 guests, including past and present clients, board members and fund investors attended the event hosted by GFLS’s employees, and owners, Jim and Judy Jenks, and Sean Duffy. Attendees enjoyed appetizers, beverages and raffle prizes.

For many companies, relocating to a larger space means that their business has outgrown its current location. For GFLS, the need for a larger office reflects our business is growing, too. However, our growth is a direct result of our clients’ business growth.

As a leading provider of equipment financing, our business IS helping our customers grow theirs, whether they’re small and mid-sized companies, startups or business owners with credit blemishes. The two are directly linked.

When the GFLS team can help business owners obtain the financing they need for leasing equipment essential to their services or product, they can expand into new areas, stand against competitors, make strides in efficiency and improve productivity—and in the end, boost their sales revenue.

GFLS works with equipment vendors and business owners in various industries, including:

  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Construction
  • Restaurant
  • Machinery and Manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Logging and Forestry

The equipment leases that GFLS finances in these fields are often a sizable investment with the potential to take a business to the next level. Typically, GFLS’s clients struggle to find the funding they need for new or used equipment due to tighter regulations and stricter requirements in traditional banking institutions. The Great Recession practically shut out many people without “A-type” credit from the equipment financing market. GFLS was created in 2009 to give those without perfect credit an option.

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As clients celebrated GFLS’s new location during the open house, they also were celebrating their own business successes and growth. The GFLS team takes pride in helping clients finance the leases for the equipment they need to grow. And, when it’s to a larger space, all the better.

Though GFLS’s address has changed, our motto, “When Other Lenders Say No, We Often Say Yes” is the same as it’s been and always will be no matter how often we outgrow our office space.

Contact the GFLS team to find out more about how we help business owners, who otherwise would be turned down by banks, finance equipment leases.