Medical EquipmentLike you and your staff advocate for patient care, the Global Financial & Leasing Services (GFLS) team is your advocate in financing leases for medical equipment. We understand that your ability to provide the best patient care hinges on having both standard and state-of-the-art medical equipment. And, like you, we know the high cost of medical equipment can be a barrier to having it in your practice, especially if your credit is less than perfect for whatever reason.

GFLS partners with medical practices of all types, human and animal, to acquire much-needed financing to lease essential medical equipment. In addition to the benefits patients gain by having in-office medical equipment, our clients with medical practices are able to start and/or grow their practices.

Get Your Practice Off the Ground Faster and Easier

Whether you’re taking over a practice or starting one from scratch, working capital can be tight and medical equipment difficult to come by when you’re getting your medical practice off the ground. Your medical practice can gain equity and worth in a short amount of time with the right lease financing.

Financing a lease for medical equipment is easier if you’re a qualified borrower. GFLS works with customers with good credit, as well as those with bad credit. We listen to your “story” and when other financial institutions say no, we can often say yes so you can provide better care faster and get your practice off to the best start.

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Meet Patient Demand for Specific Tests or Services

When you have to refer patients to other practices for essential or elective tests or services, you are turning away revenue. GFLS has financed medical equipment leases that allow doctors to perform tests and services in-office, so you can keep leakage to a minimum and retain control over your patients’ quality of care.

Plus, leasing medical equipment makes it far easier for you to upgrade since you can turn in equipment once the lease is finished and refinance newer models.

Expand or Relocate Your Practice and Keep Capital Outlay in Check

If your goal is to one day expand the number of your locations to meet the needs of popular or underserved areas, chances are you will require medical equipment at the new location(s). One of the most common obstacles is not building a practice in the new location(s), but funding the medical equipment there. GFLS finances medical equipment leases so you have what your practice needs to move into your new location and preserve capital for other aspects of expanding or relocating.

Take Advantage of Section 179 Tax Benefits

Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct qualifying medical equipment during the tax year it is purchased and put into service, even if it is a financed lease. We recommend consulting with your tax specialist on how to take full advantage of this tax code.

Learn more about the tax advantages of a capital lease and an operating lease.

Providing Not Only Medical Equipment Financing, but Also Valuable Expertise

When it comes to financing medical equipment, GFLS has the expertise that you can trust. We’ve provided financing options in the healthcare market since 2009, which means we can help you navigate the constant changes in both equipment, software and regulations. Get started today with an application or contact our team for more information.