When Other Lenders Say No, We Often Say Yes

In the wake of the pandemic and other market disruptions, business owners are understandably struggling with uncertainty, especially when it comes to financing large equipment purchases.

Financing equipment through big banks can always be rather challenging for businesses. However, in recent times, banks are taking fewer risks, meaning there less money out there to fund financing. Even companies with perfect credit scores struggle through the approval process, and those with blemishes on their credit reports are at an even greater disadvantage.

That’s why smaller lending firms like Global Financial & Leasing Services (GLFS) step up to help small businesses. Since 2009, GLFS has set out to provide small and mid-sized companies with the financing they need to make essential equipment purchases. Unlike big banks, GLFS looks beyond your and your company’s credit score to find a financing solution that works for you.

Why We Started GLFS

GLFS was founded to provide equipment financing alternatives to major banks. Historically, obtaining credit from large financial institutions is tedious and time-consuming. Banks often require large amounts of paperwork to kick off the application process, and decisions can take weeks, if not months. Plus, business owners waste precious time waiting for an approval that may never come.

We started GLFS as a way to make financing more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses with varying credit scores. At GLFS, we look at your business’s full financial picture to make decisions, and small blips or a short credit history doesn’t necessarily mean a rejection. We also aim to provide answers and options quickly, usually in 24 hours or less, eliminating long and frustrating waiting periods.

GLFS is in business to help other businesses by offering flexible solutions for equipment financing across a variety of industries, and we aim to work with you individually to find a finance or lease agreement that meets your unique needs and goals.

The proof is in the numbers. Some of our recent closings include:

  • A medical services company financed a $400,000 MRI imaging system
  • A healthcare company financed a $100,0000 used hyperbaric chamber
  • A logging company financed a $40,000 excavator
  • A general contractor financed a $28,000 Ford F350 truck
  • A construction company financed a $270,000 Vermeer Drill
  • A construction company financed a $30,000 tele handler
  • A construction company financed a $45,000 new Chevy Silverado truck
  • A trucking company financed a $29,000 2012 Freightliner

Is GLFS is a Better Financing Option for Your Business Equipment?

Many small and medium-sized businesses prefer GLFS to traditional banks due to our easy application process, holistic decision-making and personalized approach to lending.

GLFS’s credit application process is designed to be as streamlined as possible, while giving us a holistic picture of your business and needs. We understand that time is always in short supply when running a business, so we designed our application to take up as little of your time as possible.

GLFS gives a more personalized approach to equipment financing. We work with our partners to find lending agreements that will help you reach your goals, and that means providing support during hard times. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business.