Nearly every type of business requires printing of some kind at some point, and there is no lack of options both brick and mortar and online print shops. Printing is a dog-eat-dog industry with customers won and lost on pricing and capability. Perhaps nothing is more important to a printing company’s survival is having the latest, most cutting-edge printing technology in order to stay competitive with other print shops.

However, if your presses aren’t able to print large-scale, high-volume, high-quality, commercial color items, then you simply won’t be able to take care of your customers’ needs—and that has led many printing companies to close their doors. Make no mistake. Companies are hyper aware of the “noise” they’re fighting against for attention whether they’re B2B or B2C. And, they insist on partnering with printing companies that have the solutions to help them stand out.

Adding state-of-the-art printing equipment is never a cheap proposition, and they represent one of the biggest expenses that printing company owners face.

Because of this, one of the main challenges that many print shop owners have to deal with is securing financing to get printers and other equipment. When it comes to lease financing for printers, a company like Global Financial & Leasing Services is ideal because we provide a variety of financing options to help owners acquire the printing equipment they need.

Lease financing for printers means that you, as a business owner, can stay on top of any new printing technology and offer it to your customers without investing cash reserves on it. You’ll have the opportunity to test out the newest equipment and see if it will benefit your print shop and customers without the long-term commitment of purchasing it. Offering the newest printing technology (such as 3D printers) will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

It also means that you’ll cut down greatly on maintenance and supply costs because you won’t need to worry about excessive wear and tear on your equipment. You can simply upgrade older printers for new, more high-tech versions every few years.

By using lease financing for printers and other machines, your customers will be able to count on you to provide what they need for all their printing jobs, including digital printing, 3D printing, labeling, packaging, and more.

A problem that crops up with many printing business owners is that conventional lenders often have very strict underwriting guidelines. This means that it can be extremely difficult to get a loan from them.

In cases like this, help from a lender like Global Financial & Leasing Services is perfect, because we specialize in helping small- to medium-sized printing company owners with less-than-perfect credit scores.

Whether you’re opening up your first print shop or your current printing equipment is no longer meeting the needs of your customers, consider the benefits of lease financing for printers from Global Financial & Leasing Services to update your operations. Even if you’ve had bad luck in the past securing financing to lease equipment from big banks, we can help.

If you’re interested in lease financing for printers and other equipment for your print shop, please contact us at Global Financial & Leasing Services to learn more or get started today by filling out a credit application.