A family-owned and high-quality landscaping company provides services to a wide array of satisfied customers with both commercial and residential properties. The principal had an accident in 2012 and could not work for several months. The financial strain was overwhelming, but they fought through it. Their credit suffered as a result, but they did not file bankruptcy. Once he resumed working, he has been catching up with his creditors and trying to build back his credit.  

They were seeking financing for additional equipment to support expanding their business. Without our financing in place, they would not have been able to grow.  They were renting equipment that proved to be too expensive and was not justified for growing for their business.  With our financing solution, they were able to reduce their costs.  

Since he was able to secure the equipment, they have doubled their business. Additionally, they have been able to widen the job spectrum, opening up new opportunities they would otherwise not been able to pursue.