When Other Lenders Say No to Equipment Financing, Global Financial & Leasing Services Can Often Say Yes

There are a number of differences between Global Financial & Leasing Services (GFLS) and other financial lenders. They range from our simplified application process and level of personal customer service to the very people who are able to secure equipment financing through us.

These differences are in GFLS’s DNA. It goes back to the year in which our company was founded, 2009. The biggest financial recession the U.S. had experienced since the Great Depression had taken hold and lenders responded by tightening financing requirements. Small and mid-sized business owners with less than perfect credit were left with few lending options available to them. The financial crisis hit all businesses hard, but small companies took the brunt. Struggling to get access to credit, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, small businesses represented 60 percent of the total job losses in the private sector between 2008 and 2009.

GFLS, like any new business planning for success, opened its doors to fill a need in the marketplace. In order to survive, much less grow, during the Great Recession, business owners had to have access to flexible financing for essential equipment. They needed a lender willing to look beyond credit blemishes. GFLS was created to serve as that much-needed alternative to big bank financing.

We Help Grow Businesses

Traditional lenders such as banks historically viewed small business equipment financing with a more critical eye than they did larger businesses. But, considering the job creating engines small businesses are in our economy, they deserved a lender that would champion their growth. GFLS wanted to become that champion, so we focused on helping small business owners with equipment financing to grow their companies and create jobs.

We Peel Back the Layers of Your Equipment Financing Application Like an Onion

You are more than what is on your financing application. If you have B- or C-tier credit or have a startup company, we listen to you and get the whole picture to help get you the capital you need. Beyond numbers and credit scores, we believe in character. Regardless of credit score, we treat every applicant with respect and kindness.

GFLS Opens Direct Lines of Communication with You

The entire equipment financing process is transparent. There is no rubber stamping and no automatic denials. Once the application is set in motion, we’re in constant communication with you. You receive daily updates on your financing application status, and more importantly, you can speak directly to decision makers. GFLS was founded to be different, and communication is one of our most appreciated differentiators from big banks that give applicants the run around and a frustrating game of phone tag.

Working with a Direct Lender Matters

Since GFLS is a direct lender, we are able to approve credit with our in-house funds, and the typical turnaround time is two to 24 hours, not days, weeks or months. The ability for small and mid-sized businesses to move quickly is one of their most competitive advantages in the marketplace. Our equipment financing services move at that same pace.

Don’t let big banks have the final say on your creditworthiness just because your financing application doesn’t fit their magical algorithms. Despite the economy’s rebound, banks are slow to return to the level of funding for small businesses that preceded the Great Recession. When other lenders say no to financing equipment that is essential to your sales and growth, GFLS can often say yes, so tell us about your financing needs.