Congratulations Global Financial

The team at Global Financial & Leasing Services (GFLS) is honored to announce the Construction Business Review named us a Top Construction Finance Solutions Provider for 2022.

As such, GFLS also was featured in an article titled, “Credit Score is No Longer a Problem for Equipment Financing” in a recent edition of their business and technology magazine, which circulates widely in the construction industry.

While construction company owners might be surprised by the concept of being approved for equipment financing based on other criteria beyond their credit scores, GFLS has evaluated small to mid-sized construction companies’ bigger picture to make credit decisions on construction equipment since we started in 2009.

GFLS strives to be a reliable source for not only construction equipment financing, but also critical business information to help our clients better understand how financial and leasing services can affect and grow their companies. Take a recent article we posted: Should You Finance or Buy Heavy Construction Equipment?

Following is the article, in its entirety, published in the Construction Business Review highlighting our financing philosophy and services:

Credit Score is No Longer a Problem for Equipment Financing

Comprehensive financial evaluations have proved decisive in measuring or acknowledging an organization’s credibility. They serve as an assurance for investors and a pipeline for funding innovative products and services. While some small and medium­ sized companies (SME) are eligible for working capital bank loans, SMEs and startups with weak or poor financials and blemished credit history struggle with inadequate access to medium or long-term financing solutions that help invest in newer, better technologies and improved equipment. The hardship of borrowing is further exacerbated due to COVID and economic distress, taking a severe toll on SMEs and impeding their growth.

In view of these obstacles, Arizona­ based Global Financial & Leasing Services, LLC (GFLS) opens the door to numerous financing options that bail out companies from situations that traditional financing companies seldom address. Characterized by increased flexibility in financing compared to conventional banks or other financing companies, GFLS meets the equipment financing needs of SMEs all over the United States by merit of internal GFRS Funds, credit lines, and non-bank financial institutions.

“We listen to our client’s story concerning credit issues and believe our customers are more than a FICO score,” says Jim Jenks, Founder & CEO of GFLS.

Founded in 2009, GFLS is a veteran­ owned company providing equipment financing solutions to various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, medical, surgical, recycling, construction, commercial landscaping and others. GFLS makes detailed evaluations of clients’ companies to understand the nature of their business in terms of contractual obligation, cash flows, collateral, and other prerequisites to deduce a suitable financing solution.

GFLS follows a stepwise process for assessing credit applications. At the start of an evaluation, the company looks through recent bank statements, an invoice or quote from the vendor for the procurement of equipment and when appropriate the tax returns, financial statements, and other required information. An elaborate interaction with the applicant follows this assessment to understand the nature of the business, challenges, and purpose of the equipment for the growth of the company. Based on these evaluations, its credit committee makes an informed decision about the procurement and, if positive, generates a financing contract and from the signed agreement, with a purchase order (PO) of the equipment.

The company’s differentiated approach from traditional financing organizations allows them to enjoy an in-depth understanding of clients’ past problems in cash flow and the steps they have taken to overcome such challenges. For instance, a Midwest-based construction company needed GFLS’ financing solutions to procure various pieces of construction equipment and was not able to obtain credit from other sources owing to their FICO score and similar credit issues. GFLS financed them with over a quarter of a million dollars, having garnered a thorough understanding of their business and the value it would potentially generate. As a result, the client company has attracted additional contracts and digital business since the collaboration, attracting more businesses to partner and collaborate for mutual growth.

Emerging as an active contributor of equipment financing solutions, GFLS has created a reputation in the industry, with which it acknowledges the developmental and innovative strides taken by a business, a stark contrast to evaluating them based on credit ratings. GFLS evaluates the customer’s business objectives, extends additional support to mitigate impediments, and provides professional, actionable insights geared toward enterprise growth.

Think You Won’t Qualify for Heavy Construction Equipment Financing? It’s Time to Rethink Your Options

Your construction company is unique and deserves financing solutions to fit its operations and your growth plans. GFLS looks beyond a credit score. We customize financing options based on your overall business’s health.

GFLS is a trusted source for construction equipment financing, and we can help you obtain the financing you need to add new or used equipment to your fleet.

The process is simple. Submit your financing application. More often than not, we approve your application regardless of your credit score. If you have tried other lenders who rejected your request, consider GFLS.

Contact us today for more information regarding our construction equipment financing.