With the Right Lender, the Process isn’t Scary

Our team at Global Financial & Leasing Services (GFLS) has heard some pretty scary stories about the process for applying for equipment financing with other lenders, not to mention awaiting credit decisions. The stories range from applicants filling out pages upon pages of tedious financial information to lenders stringing them along only to deny credit. In the end, applicants are left without the equipment they need for their business or starting the entire process over again with a different lender in hopes of a different result. Either way, time and frustration can be avoided if you have a clear understanding of the application process and work with a lender willing to work with you.

Look for a Simplified Financing Application

Take a look at GFLS’s equipment financing application. Beyond basic contact information, such as name and email and phone, you’ll notice there just five additional questions directly related to your business and equipment you’d like to finance—your industry, the finance amount, gross annual sales, years in business and intended use.

That’s all we need to get the ball rolling. Not so scary at all, and it’s worked for us and our customers who need financing for essential use equipment since 2009. How does it work? Global Financial is a direct lender able to finance almost any business seeking to acquire equipment. Even applicants who have been denied credit by the big banks due to prior bankruptcy, student loans, tax liens or bad credit can be approved via our in-house funds or relationships with more than 200 private label and public banks.

Choose a Streamlined Application Supported by Personal Customer Service

Whether this is your first or 15th time applying for equipment financing, there’s bound to be some anxiety associated with waiting for a credit decision to be made. Our simplified application process aims to decrease that anxiety, but it’s our team that truly makes a difference. We understand that nothing makes the experience smoother than simply staying in touch and keeping you up to date with where your application stands.

What makes applying for credit so scary with big banks is the lack of communication and lag time between submission and either approving or denying credit. GFLS’s entire equipment financing process is transparent. Once you submit your financing application, our team reaches out to you. Then, expect to receive daily updates on your application’s status, and more importantly, feel free to speak directly to our credit decision makers.

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Work with the Right Direct Lender

Your financing application only reveals part of the bigger picture of you and your business. If you have B- or C-tier credit or a startup company, working with a direct lender who’s willing to listen and look beyond numbers is important. Along with credit scores, we believe in character and treating every applicant with respect and kindness.

As a direct lender, GFLS is able to approve credit with our in-house funds, and the typical turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours, not weeks or months. When other lenders say no to financing essential use equipment, GFLS can often say yes, so tell us about your financing needs.

Work with a financing partner who takes the mystery of our equipment financing for small and mid-sized business. Contact us or start with your application.