From the biggest corporations to the smallest startups, it seems like every business is harnessing the power of 3D printing to expand their offerings, not to mention their market share and sales.

Who would have ever believed that so many items could be printed in 3D, including clothing, musical instruments, equipment parts, food, and even a car. Companies are certainly taking advantage of the incredible 3D printers that have the technology to make almost anything.

3D printers are being used to make new products and improve on existing ones, and it’s becoming more and more mainstream. Just look at General Electric (printing fuel nozzles), Nike (cleats), Hasbro (toys), Ford (engine covers), Boeing (air ducts and hinges), and Hershey’s (chocolate). In 2015, the first 3D-printed car was unveiled.

Many industries are getting on board with 3D printing, including the medical, architectural, jewelry, food, toy, fashion, and automotive industries. And smaller businesses are no exception. Small- to medium-sized startups have also jumped onto the 3D printing band wagon. These companies do everything from creating prototypes to making jewelry and toys to printing miniatures for films.

In fact, it’s been predicted that in 15 years, 85% of all businesses will be using 3D printing in some way or another.

With all this said, it’s no surprise that 3D printing has elevated the printing industry to the next level. With no signs of 3D printing going anywhere anytime soon, if your business does any sort of printing and could progress by incorporating a 3D printer, you should most definitely determine how to add one to your arsenal, as well as how to pay for it.

Financing a 3D Printer as the Next Step in Business Growth

Having a 3D printer at your business will help either with your own products or your customers’ products. Either way, having this cutting-edge technology will both further your operations and give you a leg up over your competitors who are slower to adopt this technology.

Of course, high tech, top-quality 3D printers and equipment are not cheap. But don’t let this stop you as with all technology the prices for 3D printers eventually will come down. Plus, you don’t have to own one to profit from one—you only need to have access to one.

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This is where lease financing for 3D printers can help. By leasing a 3D printer, you’re gaining critical technology that is key to the future compared to making a monumental investment if you were to purchase it outright. As 3D printing technology improves, financing a 3D printer lease offers a convenient way to upgrade more easily versus owning the printer.

No Stranger to the Printing Industry

At Global Financial & Leasing Services, we offer special lease financing for 3D printers that includes the printers, CAD software, scanners, 3D modeling software, and any materials you may need (such as plastic, glass, metal, and ceramics).

Whether you’re replacing older 3D printing equipment or investing in it for the first time, Global Financial & Leasing Services can help. We can provide lease financing for 3D printers that minimizes costs, while maximizing your return.

We have expertise in the field of lease financing for 3D printers for small- to medium-sized businesses, and we would love to speak with you. We don’t require any down payment, and we specialize in helping business owners who have less-than-perfect credit.

If you’re interested in lease financing for 3D printers and other equipment, please contact us at Global Financial & Leasing Services to learn more.