Whether you are flush with cash, breaking even or considered a credit risk, eventually you will want to obtain a key piece of equipment to start up or expand your business. Often that critical equipment will come with a hefty price tag, forcing you to weigh all your purchasing options. Regardless of credit score, credit line available or bank account balance, financing an equipment lease is the route many business owners choose to take.

For those with plenty of cash reserves, equipment lease financing preserves funds for operating costs or other investments, like hiring and marketing. For those without excess cash in the bank or less-than-perfect credit, financing an equipment lease is a viable way to get essential equipment now for a more profitable business.  

Given the benefits of what having the right equipment can do for your business, the importance of working with the right lender cannot be underestimated. You are counting on this lender to help you either start your business or grow your business—and basically support you in creating your company’s longevity and profitability.

Over the years, Global Financial & Leasing Services (GFLS) has partnered with startup and established business owners in a wide range of industries to finance leases for much-needed equipment. “Partner” is the key word. Always select a lender who is willing to work closely with you and provide solutions and options, not challenges and red tape.

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When you are narrowing down your list of potential equipment lease financing partners, insist on these three non-negotiable qualities.

1. Flexibility

Flexibility in the equipment lease financing world encompasses many things. For example, does the lender consider your “story” when making the final funding decision? Or, does the lender judge your application by the numbers, such as credit scores and account balances? Does the lender work with startups, small and large companies? 

At GFLS, your story is important and can go a long way in explaining why your application is what it is. Our team understands that credit scores and account balances are just a few indicators of your ability and drive to succeed. We use our internal funds, bank lines and non-bank providers to finance equipment leases for companies of all sizes, from just getting off the ground to late-stage growth.

2. Experience in Your Industry

Financing an equipment lease sounds straightforward enough. However, depending on whether you need healthcare/medical equipment or heavy construction machinery, how you go about financing the lease matters. By partnering with a lender experienced in your specific industry, you will gain valuable industry insight and best practice lending standards. Not to mention, you’ll save time knowing that your lending partner can help you obtain the specialized equipment you need.

GFLS specializes in financing equipment used in these industries.

3.  Superior Customer Service

Your equipment lease financing application may be one of hundreds a lender is reviewing at any given moment. But, to you, it’s the most important application. Your lending partner should treat it as such.

The GFLS team works hard to earn your trust by providing top-quality lending products and best-in-class service. Plus, we make decisions on applications generally within 24 hours. After all, building long-term customer relationships is our goal.

If you are looking for a partner to finance your equipment lease, talk to us. The GFLS team has expertise in healthcare/medical, construction, restaurant, machinery/manufacturing, forestry/logging, printing and automotive sectors. We would love to be your lending partner.